Beachy End Tables

The event of the outstanding end table, your guest is going to be amazed at a second. Will these durable, quality crafted treasures continue for many years to come, but they’ll also add flair to an otherwise drab space.

This what you can do :

Water the paint mixture that is grey down – you do not want solid coverage.
Brush in the direction of the wood grain.
Working in sections, brush on the paint, then wipe away excess in long, even strokes. Repeat if necessary until you’re pleased with the look . Wanted to keep this table airy and light, so left white showing through.
If it becomes too dim or solid, brush white, too watered down. Stir about getting the colors mixed 15, your paint but do not be worried- it will just add to the streaky finish you’re trying for. Top with polyacrylic or other non-yellowing finish. (Polyurethane will yellow, and thus don’t use it on mild colors.) And that is how you stenciled end table turned into a Beachy End Tables.


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